SONY KDL-55W905A — LED television with Triluminos display


Presenting “kdl55w905a “ from SONY .The  “Full HD (1080p) 3D TV with Triluminos display”.

Experience the True colors of the Nature with Triluminos display.Now see every colour on your TV in it’s bold,natural display with this display technology.


Now sony adds an extra image detail to every thing you watch,with the help of
X-Reality PRO” .Now faces and skin tones of images are more clear on your TV with this technology.

Our distinctive “Sense of Quartz” design TVs combine smooth surfaces and cut-glass edges with high quality materials. Floating over a circular stand, they also feature an Intelligent Core that gently illuminates and changes colour according to the source of the content.

With the State of the Art  “Sense of Quartz” design from Sony you can make a style statement with the help of your TV.

Now you can wirelessly transfer anything from your phone to your Full HD TV, all with one simple touch to the remote. It’s all thanks to NFC (Near Field Communications) technology that allows contents from various devices to be shared by literally just touching them together. No tricky set up, no cables, no hassle. TV SideView TV SideView is the perfect accompaniment to all your favourite programmes.


Enjoy 3D experience on your TV  with “S-Force Front Surround 3D”.optimised to enhance your 3D movie experience by moving the front sound closer to you while simulating a complete 5-channel surround sound setup with a wider “sweet spot” so everyone can hear the difference.

So what made you look for a better “LED TV” than SONY’s “kdl55w905a” ? Go for it.Find best deals and price comparisons for UK at .Happy Shopping.


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